About Me

I am a sports and dance performance photographer by necessity as much as choice.  Stricken with dystonia, a movement disorder, I now capture the essence and grace of movement in dance and athletics.
For years, photography was my second calling.  I hold two Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering degrees from Princeton University, a BSE in 1982 and an MSE in 1986.  After successful careers in building spacecraft and IT consulting, my life was derailed with a diagnosis of Cervical Dystonia in 2007.  Unable to continue either stressful career paths, I decided to return to my love of photography and coupled it with the two things in which I enjoyed participating while growing up in Hollywood California: sports and dance.  After many years away from serious photography, it felt like a time warp in making the jump from black and white  darkroom photography to digital images and I hope you like the results of my transition with these dance images.

Got any questions? Please e-mail me at valerophoto@gmail.com

NoelValeroHere’s a link to my personal story of my struggles with dystonia as I first told it to anyone in the Princeton Alumni Weekly


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